Chela Rhea Harper


As a composer and professional musician, I have experienced both the joy and hardship facing those who choose a creative path. At every level of success, creators encounter unforeseen adversity and struggle with blocks, self-doubt, and uncertainty. 

It often takes an emotional upheaval or life-changing event to trigger a departure away from the ordinary world and toward one’s deeply felt purpose.

In 2016, after a series of significant personal losses—I reached a point of no return—my dark night of the soul. 

In confronting the depths of my own ruin, I began to see the totality of my experience and the gold that had been gifted to me. 

By recognizing the creative potential hidden within the perceived chaos of my circumstances, I was led toward a path of alchemical healing and spiritually immersive creativity.

Over the past few years, I have dedicated myself to helping other creators to transmute their struggles into strengths and unlock their creative potential through inner-work, meditation, and alchemy.

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